When Aerie Thinks There Are Body Positivity…. #aerienotreal

Aerie is a lingerie retailer and intimate apparel sub-brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters. The brand targets the American 15- to 25-year-old female demographic. They recently launched a campaign about accepting bodies and flaws white wearing their lingerie.

They recently launched a campaign with the hashtag #aeriereal and the tagline “Aerie Real is about body positivity, empowerment, & loving yourself.”


I mean displaying a skinny white girl in a bra while sitting down so that her stomach is slightly folded over her panties and calling her curves beautiful is a cheap attempt at reaching different audiences from the ones you already do.

I mean y’all they got me fucked up because they have now touched on two things that are near and dear to my heart: PR Campaigns and Body Positivity.

Just scrolling through their Instagram page, there are no women over the size of 4 or 6 and 75 percent of all their models are white.

The bra sizes at Aerie stop at a 40DD and their panties stop at XXL. The thing is Aerie the average woman in America is a size 14….which means your panties and bras wont fit so many women.

How about you start selling to a larger range of booties and boobies?

If Aerie was really about body positivity their Ads would reflect that diversity. But alas your campaign looks like any other lingerie campaign I’ve ever seen in mainstream media.

It tells us that if you wanna feel sexy in your undies maybe you should dye your hair, straighten it, and start doing crunches till your stomach flattens out like board while non nonchalantly hanging out in a bed with white sheets.

How does this empower anyone who does not identify with this physical image of beauty? Hmmmmmm OH WAIT IT DOESN’T. SO THEY BASICALLY DID A CAMPAIGN AND SLAPPED THE WORDS “BODY POSITIVITY” ON IT AND THINK THEY ARE DOING A FAVOR TO EVERYONE….

EMPOWERING WOMEN STARTS WITH INCLUDING EVERYONE, not just skinny women not even just women for that matter EVERYONE. I’m talking men, women, and everyone in between.

I want to see an ad for lingerie with a 200 something pound person while brushing their teeth in the bathroom before they go join their partner in bed.

I want to see an ad for lingerie with a trans women taking pictures in the mirror, feeling good about themselves and loving their body.

I want to see an ad for lingerie with a person dancing and singing in their favorite bra and panties while they clean  their house.

Ya know, like real people doing real things?

I know its too much to ask but can mass media start reflecting the people in our lives? I just want my kids to look at lingerie ads and not just see super models with wings on their backs walking down a runway.

Everyone has the right to sex appeal and it will vary from person to person what it looks like. What Aerie is doing right now simply continues the norm for what is considered sexy.

But sexy…is so much more than two boobs and two cheeks barely covered by some cloth. Its a lifestyle, its an outlook, its a state of mind, that this campaign doesn’t even scratch the surface of.

There is so much more that this campaign could be, and hope in time they see that and expand the images they are presenting.




The Delightful Denise Mercedes

“People said I couldn’t be a model because I was too short or too fat. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do something because trust me, if you work hard for it, it will happen. I promise it will.” – Denise Mercedes

image3-2-600x900Denise Mercedes is a Latina from Jersey. She is a model, actress, body positive activist that showcases her curves and opinions with no filter.

She is 5’4 and based out of New York. She is represented by MSA Models New York.

Denise’s fierceness can be witnessed on her social media profiles where she inspires followers daily.

She is a great role model for young girls because she continuously preaches finding one’s inner strength and projecting it outside through personal style and confidence.

Body rolls and cellulite never stopped her so why let it stop you? I dare you to follow her and not fall in love.


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Nadia Aboulhosn for President 2k16

“Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable.”- Nadia Aboulhosn nadaia

Nadia Aboulhosn’s Instagram page was my first glimpse into the plus size modeling world. Before I found out about her, I did not have an opinion on plus sized models. But after a few moments of scrolling through her gram I found myself not intrigued but engulfed in a deep passionate interest for all things Plus Sized.

Finally I was looking at women who looked like me and my friends! I fell in love completely, so Nadia I would like to personally thank you for introducing me to a world where I always needed to be.

But enough about me let’s talk about what’s really important aka who Nadia Aboulhosn is! Also who’s booty is better her’s or Kim K’s. OKAAAAYYYYY

Nadia is a fashion blogger, model, and designer originally from Florida but located in Los Angeles. She began her blog in 2010 as an outlet for self expression. She has been featured in Complex Magazine, Refinery 29, Lucky Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, LOOK, Vogue Italia and many others. She has modeled/campaigned for American Apparel, Boohoo, Addition Elle, and Stylist Magazine and many more.

Nadia always promotes  hard-work and diversity, as well as reinventing the standards of the fashion industry.

Nadia is a Lebanese- American, 5’3 and a size 14 in American women apparel. Nadia’s latest magazine cover was this April’s edition of Women’s Running Magazine. I was very pleased when I heard about this because it’s important for fitness journals to recognize that plus sized people can be healthy too.

Also this year Aboulhosn expanded her horizon and created her own personal App. It is currently available for Iphone and will soon be Android Compatible. Her entrepreneurship shows through as the App charges the user 99 cents a month for exclusive content. This content includes podcasts, unreleased photos, video blogs, and more.

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Tumultuous Tess Holliday

Fat is a trigger word. But if you use it often enough, it simply describes another one of your qualities. I think what helps me is taking the hurt out of the word. In the beginning I called myself curvy and all bodies have curves. So I would always myself curvy and get upset when people called me fat. Owning it gives me strength: yeah, I’m fat—but I’m also all the good things that I am.” -Tess HollidayTess-Holliday_0x440

Tess Munster Holliday was born in Mississippi but bred in Los Angeles, CA where she currently resides.

In early 2015 she broke boundaries when she was signed to MiLK Management in the UK, making her the first model of her size to be signed to a major agency. Tess is 5’5 and a size 22. Tess is a model, activist, make-up artist, blogger, designer, and mother.

She has been on the cover of People Magazine, LA Weekly, as well modeling for brands like H&M, Torrid, Addition Elle, and Monif C.

She started the body positive movement #effyourbeautystandards in 2013. #Effyourbeautystandards currently has almost 2 million tagged posts on Instagram alone and around 279k followers as of this moment!

The tag and page was created by Tess and promotes body positivity all day erryday! But does not tolerate any body shaming or hate speech! Nope, none at all.

One of my favorite things about Tess is how she can shut down any hater that comes her way. Tess’ images and prints have been used to make mean memes. She enjoys addressing this pictures by reposting them herself, thanking the hater for taking the time to make it, and then scoffs at their feeble attempt to make her or anyone else feel bad about their appearance.

Tess designed a clothing brand called MBLM, she teamed up with Pennington’s to launch a line of rocker chic styles in sizes 14-32. The line launched this year in March. All of her styles can be checked out and purchased on Pennington’s.com.

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The Vivacious Olivia Campbell

“As a plus size women myself, I understand the importance of using real-size models to paint an accurate picture of how clothes will fit. Personally, when shopping I want to see how clothes fit on someone my size.”– Olivia Campbell

11849294_214337615594277_835848397_n 12208277_978739862186250_3055380618435710765_n

Olivia Campbell is a plus sized model based in London England. Olivia has modeled for PLUS Model Magazine, Monif C, BooHoo, Anna Scholz, this year’s UK Plus Fashion Week, and many others.

She loves doing swim and lingerie shoots because she is very proud of every one of her curves and relishes the chance to show off her gloriously thunderous thighs.

Olivia is always vocal about the need for more women of color and of larger sizes in the plus size modeling world. The plus sized industry’s models’ sizes mostly range from US 8-14, while plus sizes go up to a size 36.

In  2015, Campbell was signed with Bridges Models. This agency seeks to “bridge the gap” between standard and plus size models in the international modeling industry. Olivia is a proud size 22.

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Representation= Bridge Models, MSA Curve& Curve DE

A Piece of Denise Bidot

There is no wrong way to be a woman.”- Denise Bidot

imagesDenise Bidot is a Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti international plus size model, TV personality, self love advocate, single mother, and all around babe.

Denise is very dedicated to spreading the message of self love and confidence to people everywhere of all shapes and sizes!

Denise is from Miami, FL where she developed a love for theater and performing. She moved to LA at the age of 18, where she immediately faced casting directors criticizing her size and telling her she needed to lose weight. Well she didn’t (Thank god right?)

Denise enrolled in a studio makeup academy in Hollywood and began to do freelance makeup on films, TV sets, and photo shoots. During this time Denise met a photographer who asked her if she’d ever considered being a model. The photographer offered to do a test photo shoot with Denise, and she figured why the hell not?

The photos from the shoot got shared around and generated a lot of buzz. Denise quickly found herself being approached by clothing lines asking if she would model for them.

Denise has modeled for plus size brands at Target, Forever 21, Levi’s, Old Navy, and Nordstorm so you have probably walked past of photo of her before in a store!

Denise was personally asked by Serena Williams to be the only plus size model to walk in her fashion show. Denise has walked the runway in Fashion Week shows all over the world. Denise’s career is far from over and she has a lot more ahead of her so be on the lookout for her face on ads and posters next time you are shopping cause she’ll  be around!

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Representation= Muse Models in NYC 


+To be Positively Plus +

182ff3e62b687a579c3d820a9d40e114This blog is dedicated to creating awareness of any and all plus sized models, through highlights of specific models and outlining their achievements and accomplishments.

I will include their social mdeia handles so that these fabulous people can be all over your newsfeeds! My goal is to show appreciation to the men and women of the plus sized modeling world.

But just so we are clear, the celebration of plus sized models on this blog does not mean that I do not like traditional models. This blog is simply focused on the plus sized modeling world because it is the one that I am most familiar with and interested in.

About four years that I realized that there was an underground movement going on that was determined to change hearts and minds when it came to traditional western beauty ideals. The work of the men and women of this movement has not gone unnoticed or unheard of. These people are working towards widening the scope of beauty, these people are calling for an upheaval of the entire fashion and beauty industry perspective.

These people are models, bloggers, friends, peers, designers, writers, actors, teachers, and most importantly, these people are making possible the best thing that has happened to the American Fashion and Beauty Industry. My blog will be showcasing the faces of this body positive movement. So if you enjoy beautiful people who are unapologetic-ally fabulous you are in the right place! Welcome to Positively Plus.


Julia Woods