Nadia Aboulhosn for President 2k16

“Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable.”- Nadia Aboulhosn nadaia

Nadia Aboulhosn’s Instagram page was my first glimpse into the plus size modeling world. Before I found out about her, I did not have an opinion on plus sized models. But after a few moments of scrolling through her gram I found myself not intrigued but engulfed in a deep passionate interest for all things Plus Sized.

Finally I was looking at women who looked like me and my friends! I fell in love completely, so Nadia I would like to personally thank you for introducing me to a world where I always needed to be.

But enough about me let’s talk about what’s really important aka who Nadia Aboulhosn is! Also who’s booty is better her’s or Kim K’s. OKAAAAYYYYY

Nadia is a fashion blogger, model, and designer originally from Florida but located in Los Angeles. She began her blog in 2010 as an outlet for self expression. She has been featured in Complex Magazine, Refinery 29, Lucky Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, LOOK, Vogue Italia and many others. She has modeled/campaigned for American Apparel, Boohoo, Addition Elle, and Stylist Magazine and many more.

Nadia always promotes  hard-work and diversity, as well as reinventing the standards of the fashion industry.

Nadia is a Lebanese- American, 5’3 and a size 14 in American women apparel. Nadia’s latest magazine cover was this April’s edition of Women’s Running Magazine. I was very pleased when I heard about this because it’s important for fitness journals to recognize that plus sized people can be healthy too.

Also this year Aboulhosn expanded her horizon and created her own personal App. It is currently available for Iphone and will soon be Android Compatible. Her entrepreneurship shows through as the App charges the user 99 cents a month for exclusive content. This content includes podcasts, unreleased photos, video blogs, and more.

Nadia’s Facebook

Nadia’s Instagram

Nadia’s Twitter

Nadia’s Official Site


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