A Piece of Denise Bidot

There is no wrong way to be a woman.”- Denise Bidot

imagesDenise Bidot is a Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti international plus size model, TV personality, self love advocate, single mother, and all around babe.

Denise is very dedicated to spreading the message of self love and confidence to people everywhere of all shapes and sizes!

Denise is from Miami, FL where she developed a love for theater and performing. She moved to LA at the age of 18, where she immediately faced casting directors criticizing her size and telling her she needed to lose weight. Well she didn’t (Thank god right?)

Denise enrolled in a studio makeup academy in Hollywood and began to do freelance makeup on films, TV sets, and photo shoots. During this time Denise met a photographer who asked her if she’d ever considered being a model. The photographer offered to do a test photo shoot with Denise, and she figured why the hell not?

The photos from the shoot got shared around and generated a lot of buzz. Denise quickly found herself being approached by clothing lines asking if she would model for them.

Denise has modeled for plus size brands at Target, Forever 21, Levi’s, Old Navy, and Nordstorm so you have probably walked past of photo of her before in a store!

Denise was personally asked by Serena Williams to be the only plus size model to walk in her fashion show. Denise has walked the runway in Fashion Week shows all over the world. Denise’s career is far from over and she has a lot more ahead of her so be on the lookout for her face on ads and posters next time you are shopping cause she’ll  be around!

Denise’s Facebook 

Denise’s Twitter 

Denise’s Instagram

Denise’s Official Site

Representation= Muse Models in NYC 



2 thoughts on “A Piece of Denise Bidot

  1. I love this blog! Thank you for posting the model’s social media information, this is super helpful. I love how when I’m reading this, I can literally hear your voice reading it. Keep doing you, boo boo! This is awesome!


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