+To be Positively Plus +

182ff3e62b687a579c3d820a9d40e114This blog is dedicated to creating awareness of any and all plus sized models, through highlights of specific models and outlining their achievements and accomplishments.

I will include their social mdeia handles so that these fabulous people can be all over your newsfeeds! My goal is to show appreciation to the men and women of the plus sized modeling world.

But just so we are clear, the celebration of plus sized models on this blog does not mean that I do not like traditional models. This blog is simply focused on the plus sized modeling world because it is the one that I am most familiar with and interested in.

About four years that I realized that there was an underground movement going on that was determined to change hearts and minds when it came to traditional western beauty ideals. The work of the men and women of this movement has not gone unnoticed or unheard of. These people are working towards widening the scope of beauty, these people are calling for an upheaval of the entire fashion and beauty industry perspective.

These people are models, bloggers, friends, peers, designers, writers, actors, teachers, and most importantly, these people are making possible the best thing that has happened to the American Fashion and Beauty Industry. My blog will be showcasing the faces of this body positive movement. So if you enjoy beautiful people who are unapologetic-ally fabulous you are in the right place! Welcome to Positively Plus.


Julia Woods


One thought on “+To be Positively Plus +

  1. Wow, I love this!! I think this is such an important topic in today’s society, and it’s beneficial for everyone to be educated on both sides of the modeling-world, not just the size zero models. I think the only think you could add to this would be some hyperlinks. I am super pumped to read this blog!


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